The Original
Ted Gregory “Rib King”
Our History
In 1951 Ted and Matula Gregory opened the original restaurant in the very underdeveloped area of Montgomery, Ohio. It was really just a place for Ted and his friends to gather, but Matula’s incredible cooking skills could not be ignored. One night she decided to make ribs, and people went nuts for them. Soon a local critic dubbed Ted the “Ribs King,” and the legend was secured. As the town of Montgomery blossomed, word of these incredible ribs spread fast—so much so that the Inn became a mecca for any celebrity passing though town, a tradition that lives on to this day.
Today there are three locations: the Original Montgomery Inn, the Boathouse, and Ft. Mitchell. Montgomery Inn food is so beloved that it‘s available online anywhere in the country for those who can’t wait to get their fix. The Gregory children are carrying on their parents’ legacy, making sure Montgomery Inn remains one of the finest family restaurants in the country, and keeping the colorful memory of the Ribs King alive and well.
The Best Ribs on the Planet. And Beyond.
Ted and Matula Gregory truly earned the titles of Ribs King and Ribs Queen. When we say our ribs are famous, we mean it. Enjoyed by actors, athletes, and every U.S. President since Gerald Ford, they’re hand-spiced and slow-roasted daily, then finished off on our custom broiler. But Matula’s secret recipe sauce is the real star, made with only the finest California tomatoes and a super-secret blend of all-natural spices. And don’t worry about wearing a bib. It’s a good look.