In November, Ted & Matula Gregory buy McCabe’s Inn in Montgomery and rechristen it the Montgomery Inn. It turned into a true family affair, with Matula’s sister, Tasha, Father Charlie Kalomeres, and Ted’s parents, Thomas and Tasia Gregory all pitching in to make the business a success.
Ted & Matula welcome their four children – Tom, Dean, Vickie and Terry – into the world.
Late 1950’s
No one remembers exactly when Matula first cooked barbecued ribs and BBQ sauce for Ted and his buddies at the bar. But the next day, Ted asked Matula if she could do that again. The Gregorys began serving the ribs and BBQ sauce on Friday and Saturday nights.
Montgomery Inn
Ted & Matula
Early 1960’s
The Inn begins serving ribs every night, and Saratoga Chips too!
In December, a crazed local enters the Inn with a shotgun and demands $10. Ted offers him the cash but the man goes berserk and fires off several rounds. Luckily, he was a really bad shot and hit the ceiling three times.
Hollywood premieres a new movie in Cincinnati, “The New Interns.” Its stars, Greg Morris and Michael Callan, dine at Montgomery Inn. Ted paints a sign in the front window with shoe polish reading: “Real Hollywood Stars here tonight!”
Dale Stevens, food critic for the Cincinnati Post, officially crowns the Ribs King!
Late 1969
Johnny Cash and June Carter perform live in the dining room at the Inn.
The New Interns
Johnny Cash and June Carter
Henny Youngman, King of the one-liners, arrives in Cincy a week early for a performance just to eat at Montgomery Inn seven nights in a row! The two kings begin a lifelong friendship.
On Reds Opening Day, Montgomery Inn burns to the ground during lunchtime. A customer returning to get his car many hours after the ballgame finally returns home. The customer’s wife demands to know where he has been since the game ended at 5. He says he was at the Inn. She then hits him on the head with a frying pan, immediately after asking if he noticed anything different when he got back to Montgomery. In September, Montgomery Inn re-opens with very little fanfare, yet the restaurant packed in the customers every night for months.
Dinah Shore puts on an apron and cooks at Montgomery Inn. Bob Hope arrives for dinner at the Inn; from there forward, Montgomery Inn becomes a household name.
Montgomery Inn
1976 World Champions - Cincinnati Reds
Bob Hope
The Original Montgomery Inn expands to add more dining space.
Montgomery Inn East opens on Beechmont Avenue.
Ted comes up with an off the wall idea to open a new Showplace on the Ohio River. The Family meets to vote on his idea. Five nays and one yay later, plans begin to build another restaurant in downtown Cincinnati were underway.
In March, the Gregory Family has a groundbreaking party for the Montgomery Inn Boathouse on Eastern Avenue. Despite the presence of local dignitaries at the wine and dine event, the Gregory Family receives a citation from the City of Cincinnati for not having a proper permit for the party tent.
Montgomery Inn Boathouse debuts to sellout crowds.
Rib's King
Montgomery Inn Boathouse
Montgomery Inn begins sending ribs and more by mail order.
Montgomery Inn expands yet again, taking over a whole city block.
In March, Montgomery Inn East unfortunately catches fire due to a faulty neon sign.
James Brown performs an impromptu show at Boathouse.
Montgomery Inn Delivery
In February, the Fort Mitchell Restaurant opens. On December 2nd, Ted Gregory passes away, leaving his family to own and operate the business.
Britney Spears sings in the dining room at Boathouse. In honor and memory of Ted, the City of Montgomery rechristens Shelly Lane as Ted Gregory Lane.
Andre Agassi dines at the Boathouse and then wins the ATP tennis tournament.
Jewish Federation awards Montgomery Inn “Best Chicken Soup” for its Chicken Rosa Marina!
President George W. Bush enjoys surprising Johnny Bench on his 60th birthday and takes with him carryout from the Boathouse.
Montgomery Inn
Montgomery Inn Ft Mitchell
Montgomery Inn’s famous ribs makes national news…three times! The Today Show calls it one of the best mail order food purchases from CincyFavorites.com. A few weeks later, Speaker of the House John Boehner sends our famous ribs to the President himself for his 52nd birthday. Then Montgomery Inn was named one of the top 10 barbecue restaurants in the US in a Fox News article.
The Today Show